Return Policy & Guideline

Flexible return policy gives customers a comfortable experience in online shopping.

Customers can cancel orders any time before receiving delivery.

Customers can return products within 24 hours time of receiving delivery on the following conditions:

  • The package should be unopened, stickers & marking should not be removed.
  • Customers have to bring the product to Ayota’s sales point as listed below, if that point finds the packaging & product intact then the return process will start.
  • Payment will be refunded within business 7 days from the date of return.

Product does not work properly from the beginning

– This case is treated Dead on Arrival (DOA). Customers will report to Ayota’s points about DOA within 3 days of delivery. We will bring back the product from the customer's premises and payment will be returned within 7 days. The order will be treated canceled.

Product does not work properly after 3 days of delivery

- This case will fall into the warranty program. Customers will bring the product to any of Ayota's points for warranty claim.

If the product does not work with another device, the return will not be applicable.